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01 Approach

Design is always subjective. Anyone who works with and for brands in marketing, strategy, design, and communication has asked themselves at least once: Are we doing the right thing? What does “right” actually mean in this context? Is it when everybody “likes” it? When it follows the rules? Or breaks them? When data confirms it? When the brand raises questions? Conveys a future vision? Or when it’s controversial? Often, there is simply no right or wrong. However, one thing is clear. A strong brand is a key factor in the success of corporations and entrepreneurs alike. Such strong brands are not the result of a sudden flash of genius and impromptu aha-moments. Rather, they develop through a very deliberate, strategic process. The goal always stays the same: to inspire, motivate, connect, and create a future. Both internally and externally. We guide companies through this process. Our work is based on experience and expertise with brands and companies of all sizes and in diverse industries. Automotive, finance, tech, green tech, fashion, pharmaceuticals, industry. The sum of our shared experiences is one of our core strengths. We use it to our clients’ benefit. Experience doesn’t mean we’ve lost our enthusiasm for new things. On the contrary! Listening, learning, rethinking and strategic co-creation are more than just a daily workflow for us. They are real values. From the sum of these ideas, we developed a process that helps us distill information and inspiration into sustainable brands for the future โ€“ to design progress that resonates.


Every new project begins with learning. Every task and step into unknown territory begins with an intense exploration phase. That’s why we embark on a journey of discovery into the heart of our client’s businesses. Their knowledge of and experience with their company, employees, and customers as well as their values, goals, needs, ambitions, and motivations form the foundation of our work.


We plan each of our steps. Together with your company, we set core KPIs and develop a clear strategy to achieve them. We are deliberately transparent, open, and inclusive. We connect voices from the inside and outside. This approach ensures that our brand planning has a lasting foundation and offers an excellent perspective for sustained success.


Every brand speaks its own language. Name, design, logo, communication, and products all become part of its DNA. From customer consultations to global campaigning, these factors simply shape a brand. Slowly a story appears, generating emotions, connecting people and companies, embodying a strategy, and encouraging interactions. In other words, the brand gains brand appeal and power. We create everything your brand needs to get there.

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03 Clients
04 Feedback
โ€œhibyrd approaches decarbonization and energy efficiency from an entirely new perspective. Our agency needs to think about branding and communication in new ways. Like No Man Is An Island doesโ€ฆโ€
Beat Geissler
Founder CEO of Hybrid
โ€œPivoting a start-up is always a challenge. A new name and a strategy that guides the company to its future is key. No Man Is An Island did a truly phenomenal job!โ€
Sandra Grohmann
โ€œCommunicating rapid prototyping with a clear yet impactful brandโ€ฆ The challenge we faced was certainly not an easy one. I believe the agency can be proud of the outcome. We definitely are.โ€
Ben Qeisser
CEO of neorizon
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