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01 No Meaning Is An Island

Creativity thrives in togetherness. And only together greatness happens.

cf. J. Donne
โ€œNo Man Is An Islandโ€

No Man Is An Island. Yes-men don’t create big ideas. Instead, the best ideas happen when bright minds connect. That’s precisely how we work.

We bring people with various professional, social, and cultural backgrounds together. Clients included. The resulting clash of skills, experiences, and stories forms the fertile ground on which our ideas and concepts grow. We call it “swarm creativity”.  Together, we achieve more than a single contributor ever could. During this process, we remain focused on a common goal: to create holistic strategies, brand identities ,and designs, that resonate. We shape brands and businesses sustainably.

02 Our team

No team member is an island. But together we offer a continent of creativity.

03 Current Openings

Unfortunately there are no
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…but please do drop us a line to say hello. We’d love to hear from you.

04 Working with Us

No Employee is an Island

To bureau or not to bureau

We work independent of a specific location. Our employees choose their place of work freely. Whether remote or in our Berlin office โ€“ everyone works where they feel the most productive. To make this work, great communication is supremely important. With each other and our clients.

Trust over control

We believe in the power of motivation. Initiative is stronger than any pressure to perform. Of course, we have meetings, deadlines, and mandatory events โ€“ just like everyone else. And we hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards. But we don’t organize through top-down pressure. Instead, we share common goals as a team and give our best to achieve them.

Your results matter

Quality beats quantity. Frankly, we believe that only the relentless pursuit of quality leads to exceptional results. Doing a lot, but doing it in a mediocre way, is not really our cup of tea. One big wow means more to us than ten average results that get a tired smile. Of course, it’s also fair to say that the more often we surprise ourselves, our teammates, and others, the better.

Diverse expertise

We value your expertise and your views. This is not the place to keep a low profile. And silence was never a creativity booster anyway. We are a team with diverse professional, social, and cultural backgrounds, and we work for people just like us. That’s why every new angle is valuable to us and improves our work. Including yours. In short: don’t be shy, get in touch.

No human is an island 01

We share our success by donating 1% of our profits.

We’re not alone. Making the world a fairer, more livable, and more beautiful place is in fact an ambition that should concern everyone. That’s why we deciced to donate 1% of our profits to NGOs and charitable organizations.

One of these organizations is the Naruku Children’s Project. Knowing the directors personally, we are sure that our donation makes a tangible difference. We’d be even more thrilled to see more people and businesses joining us in donating. Simply visit the Naruku Children’s Project website to contribute:

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